About us

Jon Eliason Design Studio is a well-established design company based in Sweden. The company has showed it´s talent by receiving assignments from the most recognized Swedish companies:  Ikea, Ahlens, Sagaform, Orrefors Jernverk, Gustavsberg, Vedum, Nybro Crystal, Gense etc, helping them create lucrative and strong design concepts and beautiful designs. During the last year the company has extended it´s design business to an international market with clients such as Benesse (Japan), Villeroy & Boch (Germany), EQ3 (Canada), Miniso (Japan) and Tai-trust (China).

"I´m interested in the relation between man and design, and how they interact with each other. Through design I want to create beautiful everyday items and interiors, including everyone."
Jon Eliason Founder, Creative Director, Senior Designer
"Design is interesting to me of its truly infinite scope and possibilities. From natures design of a seed, to us building rockets landing on other planets. The beauty and art of it all gives joy and wonder to our life."
Martin Sandström , Senior Designer
Renter of an office space with Project management and Communication as main focus. Working for Leksands folkhögskola and Stiftelsen Hantverk & Utbildning, she is two or three days a week in Dalarna and the rest the week sharing office with this wonderful Jon Eliason Design Studio team, recieving and giving feedback on cases, projects and processes.

” The importance of the details for the whole… To find the genuine expression and reach the intended receiver at the right level… There’s where my passion is..”

Fia Palmgren Project management and Communication as main focus.

Web: leksand.fhsk.se
"Everyday life inspires me to design, I design to inspire everyday life"
Jonathan Maltz, Senior Designer
"Newly graduated Industrial Designer. I’m proud to work in an inclusive environment that really inspires creativity and learning."

Johannes Moser, Industrial Designer

Through design we create business for the company, and for the consumer beautiful and desirable everyday items and design concepts. The importance to communicate through design, always based on the brands or persons core values, is for us the highest priority.

Our interest and curiosity for the relation between man and design has lead us into many areas in order to create good design. From small charity projects creating single item product design, to entire restaurant and hotel concepts creating brand, design strategy, interior architecture, furniture design and unique product design. From the small to the large, and everything in between.

We love design!