The new venture to build a modern hostel has taken another step in the process as the architectural competition is now decided. The design agency that will now collaborate with Frösö Park Hotel to develop the overall concept is Jon Eliason Design Studio.

Frösö Park Hotel has previously announced that the buildings that were once the lodgings, in the Frösö Park area, are planned to be converted into a modern hostel, which goes by the working name Frösö Park MoHo. At the turn of the year, a number of entries were submitted to the architectural competition and the winner was Jon Eliason Design Studio.
– For us, and me personally, it is important in today’s situation with sustainability, to create a trendy and simpler housing alternative in the former housing building therefore feels just right. The proposal from Jon Eliason’s Design felt obvious. They had captured sustainability, playfulness and have a strong future focus. A perfect mix for such a venture in Jämtland. Says Jacob Dahlberg, CEO of Frösö Park Hotel.
In the competition entry there are clear influences of natural materials and the place Frösön. Together with inspiration from various compact environments (including the tent, the student lane and the train compartment), it will deliver a completely new design and housing experience.
– It was important for us that the interior design concept relates to the core values ​​and details of the business, so that the design creates a unique expression and thereby a stronger and clearer brand. We have integrated the most important functions and needs, and the extra luxury is found in a well-implemented concept and clear idea. Using simple means to create a strong expression and a desirable housing experience. Tells the designer Jon Eliasson.
The construction of Frösö Park MoHo is expected to commence in the spring, with approximately 85 new beds being planned in the first stage, but the ambition is to increase the number of beds by 250 within three years.