You and Yang

You and Yang is an international lifestyle brand, producing good design for home accessories. The dining table is our playground.
Inspired by Chinese product tradition and handicraft in combination with Scandinavian ”simplexity”, You&Yang mission is to use known production methods and make new design, try known materials and use them in a new way and make known designs with new solutions. New ideas based on known values. New products based on function and design.


Lantern or vase. Fill the base with water. Water exstingusish the candle when it burns down. Water gives life to the flowers. Fire and Water.


One serie for many purposes. All the glasses that you need, with or without colour.


One serie for many purposes. Bowls, plates, vases in different sizes and hights all handmade in clear glass, meets a wooden base in different hights. Mix n match the way it fits your needs.


The hexagon as a basic form often occurs in early Chinese crafts, and as a form in nature. The best of two worlds united in a design. The different heights create variation of the function and allow combinations of high and wide.


Inspired by Chinese medicine cannisters and Scandinavian traditional herb and sugar cannisters this serie with significant lid handle looks for a home in the young modern kitchen. Details in rubberband makes an interesting meeting between now and then.


How many glasses can you carry at the same time? Add to that a filled caraff…Combo is the solution. Inspired by a very skilled waiter from Guangzhou.


7 schnaps glasses, 7 different hights, easier to remember your glass


Playing with hights and colours to create a motion and perfect match in an interior concept. This is a perfect example of Scandinavian simplexity.


Fill the top with water and the candle will never burn the glass. Safe function and smart design.


Follow how the flower drinks the water and produces oxygen for the burning candle. Water gives stability to the fragile structure. It´s poerty!


Beer, Large Red Wine, Small Red Wine and White Wine. One shape where the different heights creates different functions.